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2019 Annual HOA Meeting


2019 Annual Meeting Wonderland Lake Point HOA

 Minutes & Financial Report, April 11, 2019

 Minutes submitted by Wendy Zerin

 1.   The meeting was called to order by Ryan.

It was determined that eleven properties were represented so there was a quorum.  Those present are noted on Attachment 1.

Motion to approve the meeting agenda (as noted on Attachment 2) was made by Jerry and seconded by Roy.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to approve the minutes from last year's meeting was made by Shana and seconded by John S. Motion passed unanimously.


2.   Election of Officers

All current office holders and members of the Architectural Review Committee indicated willingness to continue to serve in 2019. Wendy requested assistance in uploading documents on the HOA website. Roy volunteered to serve as "webmaster" and upload documents. 

         Current office holders are:          

            President:  Ryan

            Vice President: Jerry

            Secretary: Wendy

            Treasurer: Sally

Current members of the Architectural Review Committee are:




Motion to re-elect all current office holders and members of the Architectural Review Committee with the addition of Roy as webmaster was made by Jerry and seconded by Terry.  Motion passed unanimously.


3.   Treasurer's Report was presented by Sally (Attachment 3).

Motion to approve treasurer's report was made by Roy and seconded by Shana. Report was accepted unanimously.


4.  Deck Replacement Issues

Jerry reported on City of Boulder requirements for deck replacement materials within Urban Wildlife Interface Areas which apply to his property and may apply to multiple HOA properties.  In 2013, the City adopted an international code intended to make decks more fire resistant in designated Urban Wildlife Interface Areas.   The code prohibits the use of wood and composite materials, e.g., "Trex" for deck construction in these areas leaving concrete and aluminum as the only allowable materials.  There have been construction failures with concrete leaving aluminum as the only remaining allowable material, but there is inadequate information as to the appropriate type of aluminum, the environmental impact of this material, etc.  Both California and Boulder County have adopted the international code but have made exceptions to the limitations on decking construction materials.  Jerry plans to write a memo to the City calling attention to the lack of allowable materials for deck construction resulting from the City's adoption of the international code and recommending that the City make an exception to this limitation as both California and Boulder County have done.  He will circulate this memo via email to members of the HOA and ask for a show of approval.  If HOA members approve the memo it will be submitted on behalf of the HOA.  If there are HOA members who do not approve the memo, he will send the memo on behalf of the specific properties which are in support. 


5.  Speed Bump

Concerns have been expressed about the height of the speed bumps at the east entrance to Rainlilly.  Some vehicles are at risk of damage underneath the vehicle due to the height of the bumps.  Other vehicles have stalled out as they cross over the bumps.  It is also uncomfortable to drive over the bumps. 

John S. reported that when the bumps were installed, it was requested that they match the existing speed bumps on Rainlilly with respect to height, however when the job was done, the new bumps ended up being much taller than the existing bumps. 

John S. offered to make inquiries with the company which installed the speed bumps and with other companies if necessary to see if the bumps can be ground down to a lower height.  He will submit a proposal to the HOA for vote by email.

Motion was made by Jerry to authorize John S.  to make inquiries with concrete companies about lowering the height of the speed bumps and to submit a proposal to the HOA for vote by email.  The motion was seconded by John S.  Motion was approved unanimously.


5.  Educational Session

Ryan presented information concerning Fair Housing Laws which do apply to short-term rentals of which there are several in the HOA.  Federal laws do not provide protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation but there are local laws which do provide this protection. 


6.  Return on HOA Capital

Ryan presented information about possible investment options for HOA funds.  In view of his impression that risk tolerance of HOA members was quite low for these funds, he recommended consideration of moving some funds out of the non-interest bearing HOA checking account and into a high yield savings account. 

There was some discussion of specific types of banks/investments preferred with interest expressed by some in green investment, use of a credit union rather than a bank, avoidance of investment in Wells Fargo Bank. 

Motion was made by Jerry to authorize Sally as Treasurer to transfer 90% of HOA funds into a flexible, interest-bearing account and to retain 10% of funds in a checking account.  The motion was seconded by John S.  Motion passed unanimously.


7.  Dues

Motion was made by Jerry to keep dues at $400/year for 2019.  The   motion was seconded by Shana. Motion passed unanimously.


8.  Planter Boxes

Shana has asked Shelly to do cleanup/landscape maintenance along Rainlilly as she did last year and Shelly has agreed. 

Jerry requested that Shelly provide a brief statement as to the services she provides.  Shana agreed to request this from Shelly.

Motion was made by Jerry to authorize $1200 to pay Shelly for her services in 2019.  Motion was seconded by Roy. Motion passed unanimously.


9.  Wonderland OSMP Plan Update

Roy reviewed the history of the OSMP Plan to build new infrastructure in the Wonderland Lake area including the addition of picnic shelters, fishing pier, boardwalk, trail improvement, improvements to the ranger building, etc. The OSMP Plan which included these improvements was recommended by City of Boulder Open Space and passed by the City Council in 2016 but apparently without full examination of the content of the plan by City Council and without full engagement of the community in a feedback process about the plan.  When the specifics of the plan became more widely known by local residents this year, there was significant opposition to the plan with a petition drive and a public hearing resulting.  City Council voted to suspend proceeding with the plan in 2019 and to seek further community engagement about the plan/alternatives.  Two community engagement sessions will be taking place.  Information is available on the website which was created by individuals seeking to preserve Wonderland Lake as a wildlife sanctuary.   


10.  Retaining Wall

There was discussion about the deteriorating condition of the retaining wall at the west entrance onto Rainlilly as well as uncertainty as to ownership of the wall.

John B. has original drawings of the HOA property lines which he will review together with Doug to determine ownership of the wall with further discussions to be deferred until this determination is made. 


11. A motion to adjourn was made by Wendy and seconded by  Ryan.  The motion passed unanimously.

Attachment 1 - Attendees

Susan & John Bachman

Ann Cooper

Amanda Crandall

Sola DiDomenico

Jerry Gordon & Sally Yerger

Shoni Kahn

Ryan Lewis

Shana & Doug Parker

Laura & Roy McCutchen

Terry & John Staarmann

Wendy Zerin

Attachment 2 - Agenda for 2019 meeting

1.      Approve minutes from last meeting.

2.      Elections

3.      Treasurers Report

4.      Deck replacement issues within Urban Wildlife Interface areas and what those issues mean for our Association members.

5.      First speed bump size

6.      Educational session: Fair Housing and short term letters

7.      Return on HOA capital

8.      Any Other Business

Attachment 3 - Treasurer's Report submitted by Sally Yerger


January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Beginning Cash Balance   25,421.63


Revenues: Dues - 14 homeowners x $400=5600

Total Revenue     5600


Sun Cat Gardening                          1050

Foothills Paving                              2448   

Insurance                                        625

Roy McCutchen (website URL fee)    97.77


Total Expenditures     4220.77


Ending Cash Balance   26,800.86   

2109 Annual Meeting Wonderland Lake Point HOA.pdf

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