Annual meeting of the Homeowners - Wonderland Lake Point HOA

April 26, 2023

The meeting was held at the house of Roy and Laura McCutchen, 905 Rainlilly Ln. Boulder, CO 80304

The Meeting was called to order by acting President Jerry Gordon at 6:35 PM

In attendance were Roy & Laura McCutchen, Shoni Kahn, Wendy Zerin, Naomi Levy & Ryan Lewis, Susan & John Bachman, Terry Staarmann, Vera Frajzyngier, Sally Yerger & Jerry Gordon, Judith Ansara & Robert Gass, Shana & Doug Parker. There being 10 of 14 houses represented, a quorum was established.

The agenda was approved.

There was a motion to approve the Minutes from last year's Annual Meeting, held on May 25, 2022, and the Minutes from the Special Meeting held on September 8, 2022. The motion was seconded, and the Minutes were approved unanimously.

Sally Yerger presented the Treasurer Report, which is attached to these Minutes. There was a motion to approve, which was seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Jerry Gordon brought up that our governing documents indicate that we are supposed to elect a Board of Directors who then select officers (President, V.P., Secretary, and Treasurer), rather than the way we have been doing it for years, which is having the Members elect the officers directly.  Since the governing docs indicate a Board of three to five and we want four officers, we agreed on a Board of four.

Jerry Gordon presented the tax situation. There was a motion to spend up to $950 to hire a tax consultant to try and resolve the issue. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously without further discussion.

There was a lengthy discussion about the street and having funds (Reserves) to repair and replace as it reaches the end of its useful life. There was talk that it could cost anywhere from $120K today to $360K ten years from now and how to best address the situation. The consensus was to have another meeting in October or November and to continue doing research until then.

Jerry presented his research into contractors to remove the junipers from the planters on common land. Of the two contractors he was able to get to meet with us, one seemed better at dealing with us as an HOA. It was agreed previously to spend up to $5,000 from existing Reserves, and we decided to remove the junipers and look at weed barrier and some rock, but probably can't get full coverage of weed barrier and rock for $5,000 so we will do the best we can.

The homeowners moved to elect Roy McCutchen, Jerry Gordon, Sally Yerger, and Naomi Levy to the Board of Directors. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

It was decided to keep the annual dues the same as last year, $450.

The next Annual Meeting will be in the spring, exact date to be determined. The membership agreed to have a Special Meeting to discuss the street, Reserve Study, and funding options in October or November.

There being no more business for the HOA, the meeting was called at 7:38 PM.  

After the Homeowners meeting there was a meeting of the Board of Directors where the following officers were appointed for the following year.

Jerry Gordon - President

Naomi Levy - Vice President

Sally Yerger - Treasurer

Roy McCutchen - Secretary

The Board of Directors adjourned.


Respectfully submitted.

Roy McCutchen, Secretary

Wonderland Lake Point HOA


Financial Report

January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022


Beginning Cash Balance                                   $37,897.61    


Dues - 14 homeowners x $450=$6300 

Total Revenues:                                                            $6300                           


Insurance                                                        602

Arbor Vital                                              175

Reimbursement for Gardening                  100                             

Total Expenditures                                        877 

Ending Cash Balance                                          $43,320.61

A Special meeting of the Membership was held Sept 8, 2022 

Purpose: discuss removal of junipers from common area planters and the speed bump at the east entrance to Rain Lilly Ln.

Membership present: Shoni Kahn, Jerry Gordon & Sally Yerger, Susan & John Bachman, Terry & John Staarmann, Roy McCutchen, Sola DiDomenico, Doug & Shana Parker, Amanda Crandall, Vera and Robert Frajzyngier, Wendy Zerin, Judith Ansara & Robert Gass, Geoff Cooper.

There being 12 of 14 members/households represented the meeting was called to order around 6 PM by John Staarmann, Association President.

The first issue had been brought up at the Annual Meeting and that was the question of whether we should remove the Junipers from the common area planters because they are considered a fire hazard due to their highly flammable nature. Several people had done research including contacting the Boulder Fire Department. The current wisdom seems to be that removal of juniper bushes is something that should be done as part of any neighborhood fire mitigation effort.

The purpose of this meeting was to get a sense of the membership pro and con and how to proceed.

There was some general discussion, and a number of price options were presented running from around $5,000 upwards to $15,000. More detailed proposals behind the price options had been circulated already via email. After the general chit chat, everybody (not just one per household) was given two minutes to express their view. Then a bit more chit chat and we went around a second time giving everyone one minute to express any follow up thoughts.

There were a majority of people that said they would like to see the junipers removed. As we went around, of the 18 present, 13 people representing 8 households said to remove, though there were varying degrees of intensity. Three people didn't care and would not vote to spend money removing them. One person voted to leave them alone. And one person agreed in principle but was concerned that removal of the junipers near her house would create a privacy problem.

There was discussion about cost. Everybody was against spending $15,000. When it came to spending five or maybe even six thousand from reserves there was more acceptance, though several people started wincing at six. Sally, Treasurer to the HOA, noted that we have $43,595 in the bank; that our income last year was $6,300 with expenses of $3,400 returning $2,900 to reserves; and that we are responsible for maintaining, even replacing, the entire street, the drainage system and the planters. We should keep that in mind as currently, we do not have anywhere near the reserves to accomplish more than minor replacement of parts of the street. There was the mention of special assessment and a question of how many would opt to spend $1,000. That was roundly shouted down. Even $500 each (total $7,000) to accomplish this project was not acceptable.    

There was discussion that the current proposals are of varying description and that we need more solidly defined scope of work and costs. There seemed to be a general idea that we could get the bare basics done for around $5,000, but immediately questions came up about people wanting this or that more done than the bare basics.  There was an informal motion to gather more information and a majority voted to get solid line-item, apple to apple, quotes to include such items as:

1)      Cut down and eliminate the junipers

2)      Apply weed barrier and rock of some sort

3)      Suggestions and costs to deal with the edging on the planters

4)      Suggestions and costs to revegetate

5)      Cost to limb up two trees in the planter on the south side at the east entrance

There was also an understanding that we would look at the various options and determine what is possible now and what might have to be deferred or dropped altogether. Costs is a factor. It was pointed out that fire mitigation is a long-term process. There was general agreement to have John Staarmann do this to which Terry Staarmann voice enthusiastic approval.

The discussion shifted to the speed bump at the east entrance to Rainlilly. John noted that we requested the speed bump, which is concrete, be made the same height as the other asphalt speed bumps on the street, but that clearly the contractor did make it higher. Amanda contacted the contractor who claims we asked for it to be higher even though he was not the owner at the time and probably did not actually know. He offered to fix it for $3,000. Amanda got two other quotes that came in double that. There was some discussion about grinding it down, which several people said was not a good idea. There were comments that it is high and that you must go over it very slowly to which several people pointed out that it was apparently doing its job. Several people pointed out that we have young children in the neighborhood again and they play in the street. Some in the neighborhood who have been around a long time remember how bad the speeding was before the speed bumps. It was noted that it has been measured and is within the standards we have found. The consensus was that we should have the speed bumps and while a few people continued to wonder about grinding, the majority of people indicated no interests in spending anything to reduce the height.

Respectfully submitted,

Roy McCutchen, Secretary, Wonderland Lake Point HOA










Annual meeting of the homeowners - Wonderland Lake Point HOA     Minutes and Finance Report

May 25, 2022 

The meeting was held in the driveway of the President, John Staarmann

The meeting was called to order by John Staarmann at 7:05 PM

Present were Roy & Laura McCutchen, Jerry Gordon & Sally Yerger, Ann Cooper, Terry & John Staarmann, Gary & Shoni Kahn, Robert & Vera Frajzygier, Shana & Doug Parker, Eric Jensen, Judith Ansara & Robert Gass, Naomi Levy & Ryan Lewis, Amanda Crandall, Sola DiDominico, and Wendy Zerin.

13 homes represented; a quorum was established. (There are 14 homes in the HOA)

John Staarmann requested a consensus that we make the Wednesday before Memorial Day the official Annual Meeting Day.  There was discussion and in general it seemed to appeal to all unless some reason came up to do it another day. Someone noted that the bylaws say during the first quarter. Last year it was April 26th.  It was decided to agree on the Wednesday before Memorial Day unless there was some reason to do it at another time. There was no motion to amend the Covenamants.

The agenda was reviewed and approved.

Jerry moved to approve last year's minutes. Terry seconded the motion. The minutes were approved by unanimously.

The Treasurer's financial report of 2021 (attached) was approved and is attached to these minutes. Sally noted again that Sun Cat Gardening LLC bills oddly for common area planter maintenance, which is why it shows a logical bill for 2020 (we got billed in 2021) and a tiny bill for 2021 as we haven't been billed for anything more.

Roy moved to accept the Treasurer's Report, Amanda seconded, and it was unanimously accepted.

Election of officers was as follows: Laura moved to keep the current officers. Robert Gass seconded the motion. In discussion, John Staarmann asked if there was anybody elase that wanted to serve and then if the current officers were OK with serving another term. All indicated they were. The motion was put to a vote and passed by unanimously. The officers will be as follows:

President - John Staarman,

Vice Pres. - Jerry Gordon

Secretary - Roy McCutchen

Treasurer - Sally Yerger


Architectural Review Committee (ARC) - John Staarmann moved to accept the three-person slate of Doug Parker, Judith Ansara, and Amanda Crandall with Doug as Chair. There was discussion that for the HOA to be in compliance we have to have a committee that participates as a committee. There was also discussion about reviewing the Covenants to determine the scope of the ARC.

Educational Moment:  As required of HOAs, Roy gave a short presentation on this year's legislation affecting HOA governance. Only two of this year's bills, HB22-1137 (Transparency bill) and HB22-1387 (Reserves) appeared to have any impact on our HOA. HB22-1137 had to do with billing, covenant violations and collections. HB22-1387 had to do with reserve funds. Roy recommended that we review these more carefully at some point, but that neither looked to have much impact on our HOA.

Judith and Doug brought up the Wildfire Mitigation work being discussed amongst the HOAs in our area.  They have participated in HOA meetings with other HOAs. Representatives from the City and OSMP have participated but nothing definitive has been proposed. A lot of our neighborhoods are considered Urban/Wildland interface zones so there is a high risk of fire damage as demonstrated by the Marshal and Calwood Fires. There was a lengthy discussion about removing juniper bushes (considered extremely high-risk vegetation) from around houses and in our street planters, which the HOA is responsible for. It was decided to get three estimates for removal from planters and what to replace them with. It was also brought up that fences connected to houses and wood mulch, which many of us use extensively, are two other high hazard items.

Jerry presented on Boulder's Dark Sky ordinances. He discussed shielded vs unshielded lights and passed around a sheet showing examples. John and Terry noted the exterior light next to their garage door is a good example of a shielded light. General rule of thumb is that if you can see the bulb or the light illuminates off your property, it is not in compliance with city code. Another rule of thumb is no more than a 60 watt incandescent or 15 watt LED bulb (900 lumens) where ever the bulb can be seen. For more info we point to the web site 

Note: this is the second year in a row we have brought this subject up (see below for last year's minutes.) and it is also noted that the city gave until November 15, 2018, for all properties to comply (though that may be commercial and multi residential. It's not clear to me.)

[From the 2021 minutes: John brought up the City's Dark Sky initiative and suggested we work towards that. Roy commented that it is actually a city regulation and can be enforced with a call to the city. John and Jon commented that the worst offenders are houses in the Granary and that it was lights inside houses shining out that are the most bothersome. The thought was that, unfortunately, the city couldn't regulate lights inside. Everyone agreed to be aware of their own lighting situations and be considerate.]

We had the annual discussion about parking problems on Rain Lilly.

The final act of business was to set the Annual Assessment currently $400 a year. Roy moved to set the assessment at $450 as we have kept it at $400 for several years and may be coming up on some additional expenses should we decide to remove the junipers from our planters and replace with something else. That and just general costs are going up. Jerry seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

There being no more business, Jerry moved to adjourn the meeting. Everyone seconded the motion and made a dive for the cake, cupcakes and watermelon that had been sitting in front of us for the past hour and a half. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35.

Respectfully submitted by,

Roy McCutchen, Secretary 

Wonderland Lake Point HOA



Financial Report

January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021


Beginning Cash Balance                                    $35,890.63     


Dues - 14 homeowners x $400=$5600  

Total Revenues:                                              $  5,600.00


Insurance                                            625.00

HOA Domain                                       118.02

Suncat Gardening (2020)                     1,105.00

Suncat Gardening (2021)                        219.00

Arbor Vital                                          1,320.00

Wendy Zerin                                         206.00                            

Total Expenditures                                          $ 3,593.02 

Ending Cash Balance                                        $37,897.61      


Annual meeting of the homeowners - Wonderland Lake Point HOA
April 26, 2021
Due to the continuing pandemic, the meeting was held via Zoom.

The meeting was called to order by Ryan Lewis at 7:45 PM
Present were Jon Bachman, Roy McCutchen, Jerry Gordon & Sally Yerger, Geoff & Ann Cooper, Terry & John Staarman, Gary Kahn, Vera Fraizygier, Ryan Lewis, Shana & Doug Parker, and Wendy Zerin.
Ten homes represented; a quorum was established. (there are 14 homes in the HOA)
The Agenda was reviewed and approved. 

Jerry moved to approve last year's minutes. Terry seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

The Treasurer's financial report of 2020 (attached) was approved and is attached to these minutes. Sally reported that we just received the invoice from Sun Cat Gardening LLC for last year's common area planter maintenance, which is why it does not show up on the financials for 2020. While the amount of $1,105 was within the up-to authorization of $1,200, the fact that we received the invoice just now in 2021 raised some concerns. Regardless of concerns, it was agreed to pay the invoice with communication that we would like invoicing to be more timely.

Jerry moved that we keep the dues at $400 a year. John seconded and the motion passed.

Election of officers was as follows:
President - Jerry nominated John Staarman, Vera seconded and it passed
Vice Pres. - Terry nominated Jerry Gordon to another term, Vera seconded and it passed
Secretary - Jerry nominated Roy McCutchen to another term, John seconded and it passed
Treasurer - Roy nominated Sally Yerger to another term, Shana seconded and it passed

Shana moved that we again spend up to $1,200 to cover maintenance of common area planting areas. Ann Cooper seconded the motion. Shana agreed to oversee the work and to communicate to Sun Cat, should they get the job, that they need to be more prompt in billing. Keeping the fire hydrants exposed and starting earlier in the season were suggestions. Shana said to email her any concerns that may pop up. The motion passed.

Shana also brought up a concern about using toxic pesticides/chemicals on lawns, trees, shrubs, etc. The consensus was that nobody in the neighborhood was interested in using anything toxic when there are nontoxic alternatives, and we would keep that in mind whenever choosing a substance.

Educational Moment: As required of HOAs, Jerry gave a discussion on signs in yards for our educational moment. He said some HOAs were passing rules against yard signs of any sort,
including politically oriented yard signs, which was resulting in the ACLU suing these HOAs. The State was in the process of trying to clarify what is permissible to regulate and what sorts of signage is protected speech and cannot be regulated by HOAs. Roy moved to state that WLP HOA places no restrictions on politically based signage in yards. Terry seconded the motion. In discussion it was brought up that what is definable as political and what is not can be difficult to determine. It may boil down to respect and consideration of one's neighbors. The motion passed.

John brought up that there is a tree on Rain Lilly Ln near Wendy's house that needs to be pruned as it is getting into the power lines and extending out into the street, creating a mess and a hazard. John agreed to call Xcel about the power lines as the thought was it is Xcel's responsibility to cut the tree back to protect the power lines. Jerry moved that we spend up to $750 to clean up and mitigate any additional pruning required. Terry seconded the motion. In discussion it was agreed that we would deal with any overruns in cost via email communication. The motion to authorize John to spend up to $750 passed.

John brought up the City's Dark Sky initiative and suggested we work towards that. Roy commented that it is actually a city regulation and can be enforced with a call to the city. John and Jon commented that the worst offenders are houses in the Granary and that it was lights inside houses shining out that are the most bothersome. The thought was that, unfortunately, the city couldn't regulate lights inside. Everyone agreed to be aware of their own lighting situations and be considerate.

There being no more business, Jerry moved to abandon the meeting. Roy seconded the motion and with barely a goodbye, everyone raced to turn off their computers at precisely 8:32 PM, thus ending another classic annual meeting of the Wonderland Lake Point HOA.

Respectfully submitted by,
Roy McCutchen, Secretary
Wonderland Lake Point HOA
PS. There was some discussion about dancing in the streets but without a champion to usher the idea along, it was tabled to a later undetermined date.

Financial Report January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020 
Beginning Cash Balance 30,575.63 
Revenues: Dues - 14 homeowners x $400 5600 
Interest Earned 340 Total Revenues: 5940 
Expenditures: Insurance 625 Total Expenditures 625 
Ending Cash Balance 35,890.6

Annual HOA Meeting 2020 - Wonderland Lake Point


Minutes - Annual Meeting of Wonderland Lake Point HOA April 7, 2020

Present: Vera Frajzyngier, Eric Jensen, Roy & Laura McCutchen, John Bachman, Sally Yerger & Jerry Gordon, Shana & Doug Parker, Gary and Shoni Kahn, Judith Ansara & Robert Gass, Ryan Lewis & Naomi Levy, Amanda Crandall & Robert DeMar, Sola DiDominico, Wendy Zerin, Terry & John Staarmann.


A quorum being established with 13 of 14 houses represented. Ryan Lewis opened the meeting at 8PM.  Due to the Covid-19 emergency and the Colorado state-wide Stay at Home order, the annual meeting was conducted with the participants using ZOOM.


To expedite the meeting and address pertinent issue, Jerry Gordon made the following as a combined motion:


·         We agree that an electronic meeting is acceptable for this year in view of the coronavirus emergency.

·         We accept the minutes of last year.

·         We nominate and elect all the current officers to serve another one-year term, except that Wendy Zerin is stepping down as Secretary and Roy McCutchen has volunteered to accept that position.

·         We agree that the level of dues will remain unchanged for 2020 at the level of $400. To be delivered by mail or personal delivery to Sally Yerger at 915 Rain Lilly Ln Boulder, CO 80304.

·         We authorize expenditures equal to those of last year ($1200) for landscaping the Association's common areas.

·         We agree that if at a later time additional motions become necessary to modify the measures noted in this motion, an electronic meeting (using Zoom or other technology) may be called to take such action or an email vote may be utilized.

·         We agree that if, because of the coronavirus emergency, any of our members has difficulty making the annual dues payment, that member and our Treasurer may set up a payment plan. (per DORA/CCOIA suggestion)

·         We agree that our Association officers may take all actions necessary to implement the matters covered by this motion such as, for example, modifying the manner in which dues payments are collected or transmitted to our bank account.

The motion was seconded and pass unanimously. Officers for the following year are as follows:

President: Ryan Lewis

Vice Pres: Jerry Gordon

Secretary: Roy McCutchen

Treasurer: Sally Yerger


Hearing nothing to the contrary, members of the Architectural Review Committee will remain:

Terry Staarmann,   Doug Parker,    Judith Ansara

Judith suggested we send flowers to Rodine. Her husband, Stan, passed away recently. Judith offered to handle the arrangements. The flowers will be sent in the name of the HOA with members reimbursing Judith as possible.


Treasurers Report:

Sally presented the Treasurer's report for last year. It is attached to these minutes. Roy suggested we review the insurance policy to make sure it is still providing the coverages we want. Roy moved to accept the report as presented, Jerry seconded the motion and the report was accepted unanimously.  Per Jerry's above motion, we agreed that the level of dues will remain unchanged for 2020 at the level of $400. Sally said she had not been able to establish an online method for payment of dues so dues will be by check, made out to Wonderland Lake Point HOA, and  delivered in person (there will be an envelope on the front stoop) or by mail to Sally Yerger at 915 Rain Lilly Ln Boulder, CO 80304.


Jerry gave an update to his deck rebuild. The city is requiring exceptional levels of materials for decks built within Urban Wildlife Interface areas. Houses along the north side of Rain Lilly are within that area designation. Check with the city if you are pulling a permit for deck replacement. It is worth noting that if you are merely replacing the decking (floor) you may not need a permit.


John Staarmann reported on the issue raised last year concerning the height of the speed bumps. When the new concrete speed bumps were installed the request was that they be the same height as the one's removed. They are higher and some people have noted that they tend to bottom out on them. John called the company about grinding them down. The company indicated that while that was possible it would open the surface to potential moisture invasion shortening the life of the bumps. John observed cars careening around the corner and hitting the bumps, which had the desired affect of slowing them down. His observation and suggestion were that we keep the bumps at the existing height in order to maintain their useful life and to encourage drivers to enter Rain Lilly at an appropriate speed. Further discussion led to there being an apparent consensus that we should leave the speed bumps as they are for now.


John Bachman reported on the issue of the retaining wall along the western side of Rain Lilly between 885 Rain Lilly and Quince. John reviewed the surveys and determined that the wall is not on common land but is within the property at 875 Quince.


Educational session: HOA best practices in response to Covid-19 crisis and the payment of HOA dues. Presented by Rayan Lewis and included with Jerry's motion above.


The idea presented last year regarding an interest-bearing account for HOA reserves was table as the current interest rate climate sucks.


There being no new business, Roy moved to adjourn, which appeared to be seconded by everyone. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted

Roy McCutchen, Secretary









Financial Report

January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Beginning Cash Balance                                  26,800.63



Dues - 14 homeowners x $400       5600


Total Revenues                                                     5,600



Sun Cat Gardening                          1200

Insurance                                       625


Total Expenditures                                              1825.00


Ending Cash Balance                                        30,575.63                                        


2019 Annual HOA Meeting


2019 Annual Meeting Wonderland Lake Point HOA

 Minutes & Financial Report, April 11, 2019

 Minutes submitted by Wendy Zerin

 1.   The meeting was called to order by Ryan.

It was determined that eleven properties were represented so there was a quorum.  Those present are noted on Attachment 1.

Motion to approve the meeting agenda (as noted on Attachment 2) was made by Jerry and seconded by Roy.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to approve the minutes from last year's meeting was made by Shana and seconded by John S. Motion passed unanimously.


2.   Election of Officers

All current office holders and members of the Architectural Review Committee indicated willingness to continue to serve in 2019. Wendy requested assistance in uploading documents on the HOA website. Roy volunteered to serve as "webmaster" and upload documents. 

         Current office holders are:          

            President:  Ryan

            Vice President: Jerry

            Secretary: Wendy

            Treasurer: Sally

Current members of the Architectural Review Committee are:




Motion to re-elect all current office holders and members of the Architectural Review Committee with the addition of Roy as webmaster was made by Jerry and seconded by Terry.  Motion passed unanimously.


3.   Treasurer's Report was presented by Sally (Attachment 3).

Motion to approve treasurer's report was made by Roy and seconded by Shana. Report was accepted unanimously.


4.  Deck Replacement Issues

Jerry reported on City of Boulder requirements for deck replacement materials within Urban Wildlife Interface Areas which apply to his property and may apply to multiple HOA properties.  In 2013, the City adopted an international code intended to make decks more fire resistant in designated Urban Wildlife Interface Areas.   The code prohibits the use of wood and composite materials, e.g., "Trex" for deck construction in these areas leaving concrete and aluminum as the only allowable materials.  There have been construction failures with concrete leaving aluminum as the only remaining allowable material, but there is inadequate information as to the appropriate type of aluminum, the environmental impact of this material, etc.  Both California and Boulder County have adopted the international code but have made exceptions to the limitations on decking construction materials.  Jerry plans to write a memo to the City calling attention to the lack of allowable materials for deck construction resulting from the City's adoption of the international code and recommending that the City make an exception to this limitation as both California and Boulder County have done.  He will circulate this memo via email to members of the HOA and ask for a show of approval.  If HOA members approve the memo it will be submitted on behalf of the HOA.  If there are HOA members who do not approve the memo, he will send the memo on behalf of the specific properties which are in support. 


5.  Speed Bump

Concerns have been expressed about the height of the speed bumps at the east entrance to Rainlilly.  Some vehicles are at risk of damage underneath the vehicle due to the height of the bumps.  Other vehicles have stalled out as they cross over the bumps.  It is also uncomfortable to drive over the bumps. 

John S. reported that when the bumps were installed, it was requested that they match the existing speed bumps on Rainlilly with respect to height, however when the job was done, the new bumps ended up being much taller than the existing bumps. 

John S. offered to make inquiries with the company which installed the speed bumps and with other companies if necessary to see if the bumps can be ground down to a lower height.  He will submit a proposal to the HOA for vote by email.

Motion was made by Jerry to authorize John S.  to make inquiries with concrete companies about lowering the height of the speed bumps and to submit a proposal to the HOA for vote by email.  The motion was seconded by John S.  Motion was approved unanimously.


5.  Educational Session

Ryan presented information concerning Fair Housing Laws which do apply to short-term rentals of which there are several in the HOA.  Federal laws do not provide protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation but there are local laws which do provide this protection. 


6.  Return on HOA Capital

Ryan presented information about possible investment options for HOA funds.  In view of his impression that risk tolerance of HOA members was quite low for these funds, he recommended consideration of moving some funds out of the non-interest bearing HOA checking account and into a high yield savings account. 

There was some discussion of specific types of banks/investments preferred with interest expressed by some in green investment, use of a credit union rather than a bank, avoidance of investment in Wells Fargo Bank. 

Motion was made by Jerry to authorize Sally as Treasurer to transfer 90% of HOA funds into a flexible, interest-bearing account and to retain 10% of funds in a checking account.  The motion was seconded by John S.  Motion passed unanimously.


7.  Dues

Motion was made by Jerry to keep dues at $400/year for 2019.  The   motion was seconded by Shana. Motion passed unanimously.


8.  Planter Boxes

Shana has asked Shelly to do cleanup/landscape maintenance along Rainlilly as she did last year and Shelly has agreed. 

Jerry requested that Shelly provide a brief statement as to the services she provides.  Shana agreed to request this from Shelly.

Motion was made by Jerry to authorize $1200 to pay Shelly for her services in 2019.  Motion was seconded by Roy. Motion passed unanimously.


9.  Wonderland OSMP Plan Update

Roy reviewed the history of the OSMP Plan to build new infrastructure in the Wonderland Lake area including the addition of picnic shelters, fishing pier, boardwalk, trail improvement, improvements to the ranger building, etc. The OSMP Plan which included these improvements was recommended by City of Boulder Open Space and passed by the City Council in 2016 but apparently without full examination of the content of the plan by City Council and without full engagement of the community in a feedback process about the plan.  When the specifics of the plan became more widely known by local residents this year, there was significant opposition to the plan with a petition drive and a public hearing resulting.  City Council voted to suspend proceeding with the plan in 2019 and to seek further community engagement about the plan/alternatives.  Two community engagement sessions will be taking place.  Information is available on the website which was created by individuals seeking to preserve Wonderland Lake as a wildlife sanctuary.   


10.  Retaining Wall

There was discussion about the deteriorating condition of the retaining wall at the west entrance onto Rainlilly as well as uncertainty as to ownership of the wall.

John B. has original drawings of the HOA property lines which he will review together with Doug to determine ownership of the wall with further discussions to be deferred until this determination is made. 


11. A motion to adjourn was made by Wendy and seconded by  Ryan.  The motion passed unanimously.

Attachment 1 - Attendees

Susan & John Bachman

Ann Cooper

Amanda Crandall

Sola DiDomenico

Jerry Gordon & Sally Yerger

Shoni Kahn

Ryan Lewis

Shana & Doug Parker

Laura & Roy McCutchen

Terry & John Staarmann

Wendy Zerin

Attachment 2 - Agenda for 2019 meeting

1.      Approve minutes from last meeting.

2.      Elections

3.      Treasurers Report

4.      Deck replacement issues within Urban Wildlife Interface areas and what those issues mean for our Association members.

5.      First speed bump size

6.      Educational session: Fair Housing and short term letters

7.      Return on HOA capital

8.      Any Other Business

Attachment 3 - Treasurer's Report submitted by Sally Yerger


January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Beginning Cash Balance   25,421.63


Revenues: Dues - 14 homeowners x $400=5600

Total Revenue     5600


Sun Cat Gardening                          1050

Foothills Paving                              2448   

Insurance                                        625

Roy McCutchen (website URL fee)    97.77


Total Expenditures     4220.77


Ending Cash Balance   26,800.86   

2109 Annual Meeting Wonderland Lake Point HOA.pdf

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Foothills Paving Terms and Conditions - 8/24/18

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Proposal to Seal Cracks on Rainlilly

At the annual HOA meeting March 14, 2018, up to $2000 was approved to repair cracks in Rainlilly Ave. with allowance for expense above that amount if all members of HOA were provided with at least five days notice and thereafter were to approve additional expense by majority vote obtained by email or other form of electronic vote.

Ryan Lewis and John Staarman contacted five companies and received an estimate from only one, Foothills Paving & Maintenance for $2448.  John visited Kinder Care in Arvada which was given as a reference by Foothills Paving.  John inspected the job they had done there and found it to be of good quality and comparable to the work needed on Rainlilly.

The HOA was polled via email regarding whether or not to proceed with the Foothills Paving proposal.  Thirteen households were in favor and one household did not vote.  Based on this approval of the proposal, John signed the proposal on behalf of the HOA and returned it to Foothills Paving.  The work is scheduled to be done on September 21st.

Supporting documents may be found in Documents tab:

1. Signed proposal from Foothills Paving and Maintenance
2. Terms and Conditions
3.  Photo taken by John Staarman of work done by Foothills Paving at Kinder Care, Aurora, CO