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Proposal to Seal Cracks on Rainlilly

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At the annual HOA meeting March 14, 2018, up to $2000 was approved to repair cracks in Rainlilly Ave. with allowance for expense above that amount if all members of HOA were provided with at least five days notice and thereafter were to approve additional expense by majority vote obtained by email or other form of electronic vote.

Ryan Lewis and John Staarman contacted five companies and received an estimate from only one, Foothills Paving & Maintenance for $2448.  John visited Kinder Care in Arvada which was given as a reference by Foothills Paving.  John inspected the job they had done there and found it to be of good quality and comparable to the work needed on Rainlilly.

The HOA was polled via email regarding whether or not to proceed with the Foothills Paving proposal.  Thirteen households were in favor and one household did not vote.  Based on this approval of the proposal, John signed the proposal on behalf of the HOA and returned it to Foothills Paving.  The work is scheduled to be done on September 21st.

Supporting documents may be found in Documents tab:

1. Signed proposal from Foothills Paving and Maintenance
2. Terms and Conditions
3.  Photo taken by John Staarman of work done by Foothills Paving at Kinder Care, Aurora, CO

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