Annual Meeting of the HOA 2014

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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Wonderland Lake Point HOA March 6, 2014

Meeting was called to order by HOA President, John Staarman at 7:09 PM at the house of Ann Cooper.

Present were Ann Cooper, Roy McCutchen, Robert Gass and Judith Ansara, Doug and Shana Parker, Terri and John Staarman, Sally Yerger and Jerry Gordon, Wendy Zerin (proxy), Carol Marks, Shoni and Gary Kahn, Sola DiDomenico, Betsy and Bob Molnar, Carter Simmons (observing for James and Lisa, 965 Rainlilly) thus establishing a quorum.

The agenda was presented for approval. Ann motioned to approve; Judith seconded; the agenda was approved without descent.

The minutes from the 2013 meeting were presented for approval. Jerry noted that on page 2, first paragraph the language should be changed to "Jerry presented a draft, Policy on assessments and collection of delinquent payments, to be discussed and adopted at the next meeting (2014)." Ann moved to accept as corrected. Robert seconded the motion and the minutes passed unanimously.

Sally presented the treasurer's report. It was noted that the HOA has accumulated substantial reserves. The logic behind accumulating reserves is to prepare for the eventuality of having to replace sections of or the entire street, which is owned by the HOA.  It is likely that the HOA will need to borrow when the time comes, but accumulating funds know will reduce the amount of borrowing. This results in the current users bearing the cost of future repairs during the time they are using the facility.

The following people were elected to serve until the next annual meeting:

John Staarman - president

Roy McCutchen - Secretary

Sally Yerger - Treasurer

(It appears we did not elect a V.P.)

[It appears we did not designate a new slate of members to the Architectural Review Committee. Typically, when that happens the committee from the prior year continues to serve until a new committee group is formed. Hence, Doug Parker, Betsy Molnar, Cheri Stevenson would continue to serve until the 2015 meeting.]


Jerry submitted the draft of the Wonderland Lake Point Home Owners Association Policy on Assessments. Roy moved to accept it as drafted. Robert seconded the motion and it passed unanimously without discussion.

There was the annual discussion about how we need to review and rewrite the covenants and bylaws of the HOA. Jerry, Roy and John will pursue this project. Jerry suggested we take it in small parts rather than trying to wrap ourselves around it in its entirety. Everyone agreed that this was a superior idea.

John moved that we approve keeping the dues at $350. Roy seconded the motion. Of those members present 9 voted to keep the dues at their current level. One member voted against the motion. The motion passed.

John recommended spending $500 on street maintenance. There was discussion about spending upwards of $20 and hour to maintain the planters this year. There was general consensus for these expenses.


There doesn't seem to be much of anything new on the State legislative front that affects the HOA.

The subject of temporary rentals came up (Airbnb, VRBO, ETC) In anticipation of this subject, Jerry did a bit of research and had a report ready to pass out. That report becomes a part of these minutes. There was a great deal of discussion some of which was passionate. It would appear clear that the city's zoning laws do not provide for short term rentals of less than one month in a neighborhood such as ours. There was no consensus as how to approach this issue as an association. As an editorial introduction, Jerry advised strongly against the HOA voting to enforce the city's codes on the basis that it will be extremely divisive and that sentiment was voiced by others. It was noted that the HOA didn't need to vote to enforce the city's codes; they are the city's laws and the city is perfectly capable of enforcing its laws if it moves to do so. Several people pointed out that the problem could be mitigated if people kept a tighter rein on those that they lent their house to as the bottom line for them was maintaining the quality of the neighborhood. Others were adamant for adherence to city zoning laws. The issue is complicated (as the City is discovering) and generally there were those that said everyone should comply with current code and there were some that felt the code could be bent if it didn't lead to issues. Of course the subject would not have come up if there had not been issues already. The discussion was terminated without any action being taken.

On a final note before adjourning, there was a letter from a member requesting that we not use email for sensitive discussions.

There being no more business, Jerry moved we adjourn, Robert seconded the motion and the meeting was call at 8:20 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Roy McCutchen, Secretary

Wonderland Lake Point HOA

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