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Annual Meeting of the Wonderland Lake Point HOA

Held April 6, 2017, at the home of Roy and Laura McCutchen, 905 Rain Lilly Ln, Boulder, CO  80304

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by the president of the association, John Staarmann.

The following people were in attendance: Roy and Laura McCutchen; Ryan Lewis and Naomi Levy; Shana and Doug Parker; Terry and John Staarmann; Sola DiDominico; John Bachman; Shoni Kahn; Sally Yerger and Jerry Gordon; Ann Cooper; Judith Ansara and Robert Gass; Wendy Zerin. With 11 of 14 homeowners accounted for a quorum was declared.

Jerry presented the agenda and with no objections or changes it was accepted.

Minutes from 2016 meeting were reviewed and accepted.

Sally presented the financial report here attached and it was accepted.

Roy presented a short report from his visit to the DORA HOA forum on Dec 14, 2016, in Denver, discussing legislative issues pertaining to HOAs. Overall there is nothing that we are not already doing and in compliance with, to report. This report serves as an educational component for our Board.

The contact list was passed around and updated.

New Business:

Maintenance of the planters for this year. Last year's person didn't do so well so we need a new person. Question of how much is reasonable. Last person ("Debbie Gets It Done") kept asking for more money and it didn't get done. One person proposed spending up to $2,000. The subject of trees came up along to east side of Rain Lilly next to Wendy's house. We should have someone inspect them and trim as needed or does it get added to deferred maintenance. Judith volunteered to get a bid from her gardener. Sally will deal with the contract. Terry moved that we proceed based on the above, Wendy 2nd and the motion passed.

Street repairs needed in front of 926 Rain Lilly. Cement is cracked. Consensus is to seal it. John S will deal with it up to $1,000 in expense. Laura moved and Sally 2nd. Motion passed.

Questions came regarding the responsibility for the retaining wall on the west side of Rain Lilly. Sally and Judith will do a bit of research to see if surveys exist that can help establish if the retaining walls are on common property on 875 Quince. Not an immediate concern but probably will need to be addressed sometime in next few years.

There was a motion to increase the annual dues to $400 as the dues have not been increased in many years and we did take a bit of a hit last year repairing the street. While our finances are in excellent shape, we are aware that expense are going up (planters) and that repairs to the street take big chunks of money at a time. Several people felt it was a big jump but it was pointed out that we have passed many years without any increase at all. Judith moved to call the question, Ryan 2nd and the motion passed with 9 yes and 2 no.

There was the annual discussion about parking and trash. Please have guests park on Quince if they can't park in driveways or the few designated spots on Rain Lilly. Please make sure trash is secured so it doesn't all end up in John Backman's front yard.

The following slate was offered up for officers:

President - Ryan Lewis, 965 Rain Lilly

Vice President - Jerry Gordon, 915 Rain Lilly

Secretary - Wendy Zerin, 975 Quince

Treasurer - Sally Yerger, 915 Rain Lilly

The slate was approved by unanimous acclimation

The following people were proposed and approved for the Architectural Review Committee:

Judith Ansara, Terry Staarmann, Doug Parker

Sally and John will get together and deal with banking account issues with the changeover.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30


Submitted by Roy McCutchen, Secretary WLP HOA






Financial Report

January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016

Beginning Cash Balance                                17,327.80



Dues - 14 homeowners x $350       4900


Total Revenues                                                       4,900




URL renewal                                    0.00

Supplies: Soil and bark                     0.00                       

Maintenance (weeding)                 850.00

Maintenance (road repair)                  0.00  

Registration                                     0.00

Officers' compensation                              

Photocraft (signs)                           66.40  

Insurance                                   625.00



Total Expenditures                                              1,541.40


Ending Cash Balance                                        20,686.40                                         





Minutes of the March 23, 2016, Annual Meeting of the Wonderland Lake Point HOA.

Association members gathered at 7:05 at the house of Jerry Gordon and Sally Yerger, 915 Rainlilly Ln., Boulder, CO 80304.  Association President John Staarmann presided.

Present were: Doug & Shana Parker; Sally Yerger & Jerry Gordon; Robert Gass; Wendy Zerin; Bob & Betsy Molnar; John & Terry Staarmann; Roy McCutchen; James Simmons; Shoni Kahn. Sola DiDimenico was represented by proxy. There being 10 of 14 households represented, a quorum, the meeting was called to order.

John started with some housekeeping by discussing the problem with differing email addresses. Roy passed around the current email list and gathered information to compile a current comprehensive list of members, addresses and emails. Later in the meeting the discussion of emergency numbers came up and Roy indicated he would add a column to the neighborhood spread sheet for that purpose.

The agenda was presented and approved.

The minutes of last year's Annual Meeting and the notes & vote from the special meeting held in August regarding road repairs were presented. There was a motion to approve, which was seconded and the minutes were approved without amendment.

Sally presented the financial report from last year. (Attached) There was brief discussion and the report was accepted unanimously. After discussion about the cost of annual care of the planters and weeding, John moved that we approve spending up to $850 this year on maintenance. Robert seconded the motion. The motion passed with the consideration that Sally will oversee to get the best deal possible within the cap approved. There was a motion by John to continue the dues at $350, seconded by Betsy and it passed unanimously.

The slate of officers for 2016 was presented and accepted by unanimous acclimation. President, John Staarmann; VP, Jerry Gordon; Treasurer, Sally Yerger; Secretary, Roy McCutchen.   

There was a brief discussion about rentals. General sense was that we do not currently have a problem in the hood as long as people communicate with renters issues of noise, security and especially parking.

Old Business:

John discussed the results of the street repairs. There was also discussion about what the city would cover due to the water pipe repair work done in front of 915 Rainlilly and a bit of discouragement in that the section replaced by the city is already cracked. Jerry will follow-up with the city on this issue. Overall, the street repairs performed by Norris are deemed excellent so far.

Jerry discussed changes and amendments to our HOA Bylaws and Covenants. As we make and approve these changes it would be easier at this point to add them as added documents rather than trying to interweave them into the existing documents. Robert moved that we proceed this way, Betsy seconded and the motion was passed.

Doug discussed the issue of water pooling behind 955 Rainlilly. He contacted the city and the developers on Broadway. Appears that the system is operating as planned and does not require any action at this time.

New Business:

There was discussion about security in the neighborhood. There have been a few incidents this past year.

Gardening and weeding was dealt with under treasurer's report

Jerry discussed new legislation at the State level regarding HOAs, but there did not seem to be anything we needed to address.

It was noted that with Carol Mark's departure we needed another person on the Architectural Review Committee. Wendy volunteered and was accepted by universal acclimation. The ARC is Betsy Molnar, Doug Parker and Wendy Zerin until such time as a new committee is formed.

There being no additional new business the meeting was adjourned at 8:09 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Roy McCutchen, Secretary Wonderland Lake Point HOA

2015 WLP HOA finacials.pdf

Amendments to Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions made at Annual Meeting of April 29, 2015.


Date of Annual Meeting:  Paragraph 2.4 was amended to say:

An annual meeting of members shall be held on a date selected by association officers in March, April or May of each year.  The purpose of the annual meeting shall be to elect officers and transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting association.  The place of the annual meeting shall be in the City of Boulder, Colorado.


Notice of Meetings:  Paragraph 2.6 was amended to say:


Notice of members' meetings shall be in writing and shall specify the date, place and time of each meeting, and shall be hand delivered or mailed or provided by electronic communication to all members by an officer or member of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, or by members calling the meeting, not less than ten Days nor more than fifty days before the date of the meeting.


Selection of officers:  Paragraph 4.1 was amended so that its first sentence reads:

The officers of the Corporation shall be a president, a secretary and a treasurer unless those present at an annual meeting choose, in addition, to elect a vice president."


Annual Meeting HOA 2015


Minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Wonderland Lake Point HOA


The meeting was held on April 29, 2015 at the home of Roy and Laura McCutchen, 905 Rainlilly Ln Boulder, CO. A quorum was established with the following members in attendance. Roy McCutchen, Jerry Gordon and Sally Yerger, Judith Ansara, Doug and Shana Parker, Gary and Shoni Kahn, Betsy Molnar, Lisa Simmons, Carol Marks. Roy held a proxy from Terry and John Staarman. Shoni Kahn held a proxy from Wendy Zerin.

In the absence of John Staarman, Jerry Gordon agreed to preside and called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. The agenda was reviewed and accepted.

Minutes of the 2014 meeting had been sent out ahead of the meeting and there being no corrections were approved unanimously.

The Treasurer's report was presented (attached). Expenses were reviewed. There was a short discussion regarding landscape maintenance and also the rational (road repair and replacement costs) for maintaining and continuing to increase the reserves. Shana moved to accept the report. Betsy seconded the motion and the financial report was accepted unanimously.

Before electing officers for the following year there was a discussion about adding the position of Vice President. The consensus of the group was that we should have a VP just for occasions such as this where the President is not available.

The following people were nominated for the following offices

President - John Staarman

Vice President - Jerry Gordon

Secretary - Roy McCutchen

Treasurer - Sally Yerger

There being no additional nominations the slate was put to a vote and passed unanimously.

Judith moved to keep the same people on the Architectural Review Committee. Shana seconded the motion and the motion passed to keep the committee the same: Doug Parker, Betsy Molnar and Cheri Stevenson.

Old Business

Street Repairs:     Sally, John and Gary have all done research on what is needed and some estimates have been obtained. Gary talked with a representative from Keene Concrete who came over and looked at the street. His opinion was that the street was in fairly good condition and that we should focus on sealing cracks as they appeared using a special epoxy based material that Gary will look into further. Sally's research indicated that we should look into replacing the panel around the manhole as that concrete was probably poured too thin as was the case on Quince. There was a question as to whether it was better to replace the panel or keep sealing. Unfortunately, John was not available to present his findings. The consensus was to wait for John to return as he has done a lot of research and to continue assembling information and present information to the membership via email to determine a plan of action.

Drainage:    A concern was voiced about the additional construction going on in what was thought to be wet lands to the east and north of our subdivision. Doug agreed to check with the City to determine who is responsible for assuring that drainage is effective. There is a concern that we may be responsible for the drainage from Raililly Ln, but how do we assure that if developers outside of our boundaries create problems.

Judith related that they have been having issues with water in their basement and Betsy commented that they have been having issues also resulting in their sump pump running almost continuously. It was suggested that neighbors communicate water issues to keep tabs on what is happening. [It's possible that there have been changes in the water table since the floods of 2013 and it's possible that additional development outside our boundaries could also affect the water table.]

Landscape Maintenance:  Sally reported on the work done last year by Debby Wilson and Debby's proposal for this year. She estimated 4 to 5 hours per month for four months at $25 an hour. Judith moved that we retain Debby for the coming year, but at a maximum of $400 for the summer. Betsy seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

HOA Documents Update Project: Jerry reported on the status of our updating project. (See attached report.) It was agreed to leave the Covenants for now as the couple of small changes were moot and we should wait until we have a more comprehensive package of updates due to the voting and refiling requirements. Regarding the By Laws, Shoni moved and Carol seconded to change the three issues noted in the report with the addition of May as an acceptable month for the annual meeting (i, Date of Annual Meeting: Paragraph 2.4) The motion carried unanimously. Roy and Jerry will make those changes to the By Laws and repost them on the HOA web site.  

New Business

Dues for the coming year:   Sally moved that we keep the dues at their current level of $350. Betsy seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Shoni and Gary requested that the membership consider a motion to adjust their dues on the basis that their property does not border at any point the street, Rainlilly Ln, and they derive no benefit from same. The street is an asset owned by the HOA and its repair, maintenance and replacement are the primary reasons we are building financial reserves. (The complete text of their request is attached.) [There appeared to be a motion which was seconded though during discussion it was rescinded by the person making the motion on the grounds that it was really more of a discussion topic to be followed up at some future date with a possible motion.]  While many at the meeting expressed sympathy with the situation, there seemed to be a general consensus that for one reason or another, there was little that could be done. The Covenants are clear that everyone has to pay the same regardless of use (section 4.3 (d)). There was a question whether it is even legal within the CCICA to set different assessments based on usage or proximity to common areas and while we are not currently legally subject to that act we follow it voluntarily and any changes to our Covenants might make us subject to the act anyway. Several people voiced a lack of interest in incurring the legal costs to research the issue. It was also pointed out that the motion as presented was too vague to really act on at which point it was decide that it was really a discussion not a motion. Gary and Shoni will continue to look into the idea and decide if there is a motion they can place before the membership at a future date.

Judith's discussion: Judith suggested that the neighborhood engage it more fun activities and agreed to investigate options for neighborhood gatherings. She also proposed and offered to develop a resource sharing inventory for the neighborhood.

There being no additional new business or discussion the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 by unanimous acclamation.

These notes respectfully submitted,

Roy McCutchen, Secretary

Wonderland Lake Point HOA



Annual Meeting of the HOA 2014


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Wonderland Lake Point HOA March 6, 2014

Meeting was called to order by HOA President, John Staarman at 7:09 PM at the house of Ann Cooper.

Present were Ann Cooper, Roy McCutchen, Robert Gass and Judith Ansara, Doug and Shana Parker, Terri and John Staarman, Sally Yerger and Jerry Gordon, Wendy Zerin (proxy), Carol Marks, Shoni and Gary Kahn, Sola DiDomenico, Betsy and Bob Molnar, Carter Simmons (observing for James and Lisa, 965 Rainlilly) thus establishing a quorum.

The agenda was presented for approval. Ann motioned to approve; Judith seconded; the agenda was approved without descent.

The minutes from the 2013 meeting were presented for approval. Jerry noted that on page 2, first paragraph the language should be changed to "Jerry presented a draft, Policy on assessments and collection of delinquent payments, to be discussed and adopted at the next meeting (2014)." Ann moved to accept as corrected. Robert seconded the motion and the minutes passed unanimously.

Sally presented the treasurer's report. It was noted that the HOA has accumulated substantial reserves. The logic behind accumulating reserves is to prepare for the eventuality of having to replace sections of or the entire street, which is owned by the HOA.  It is likely that the HOA will need to borrow when the time comes, but accumulating funds know will reduce the amount of borrowing. This results in the current users bearing the cost of future repairs during the time they are using the facility.

The following people were elected to serve until the next annual meeting:

John Staarman - president

Roy McCutchen - Secretary

Sally Yerger - Treasurer

(It appears we did not elect a V.P.)

[It appears we did not designate a new slate of members to the Architectural Review Committee. Typically, when that happens the committee from the prior year continues to serve until a new committee group is formed. Hence, Doug Parker, Betsy Molnar, Cheri Stevenson would continue to serve until the 2015 meeting.]


Jerry submitted the draft of the Wonderland Lake Point Home Owners Association Policy on Assessments. Roy moved to accept it as drafted. Robert seconded the motion and it passed unanimously without discussion.

There was the annual discussion about how we need to review and rewrite the covenants and bylaws of the HOA. Jerry, Roy and John will pursue this project. Jerry suggested we take it in small parts rather than trying to wrap ourselves around it in its entirety. Everyone agreed that this was a superior idea.

John moved that we approve keeping the dues at $350. Roy seconded the motion. Of those members present 9 voted to keep the dues at their current level. One member voted against the motion. The motion passed.

John recommended spending $500 on street maintenance. There was discussion about spending upwards of $20 and hour to maintain the planters this year. There was general consensus for these expenses.


There doesn't seem to be much of anything new on the State legislative front that affects the HOA.

The subject of temporary rentals came up (Airbnb, VRBO, ETC) In anticipation of this subject, Jerry did a bit of research and had a report ready to pass out. That report becomes a part of these minutes. There was a great deal of discussion some of which was passionate. It would appear clear that the city's zoning laws do not provide for short term rentals of less than one month in a neighborhood such as ours. There was no consensus as how to approach this issue as an association. As an editorial introduction, Jerry advised strongly against the HOA voting to enforce the city's codes on the basis that it will be extremely divisive and that sentiment was voiced by others. It was noted that the HOA didn't need to vote to enforce the city's codes; they are the city's laws and the city is perfectly capable of enforcing its laws if it moves to do so. Several people pointed out that the problem could be mitigated if people kept a tighter rein on those that they lent their house to as the bottom line for them was maintaining the quality of the neighborhood. Others were adamant for adherence to city zoning laws. The issue is complicated (as the City is discovering) and generally there were those that said everyone should comply with current code and there were some that felt the code could be bent if it didn't lead to issues. Of course the subject would not have come up if there had not been issues already. The discussion was terminated without any action being taken.

On a final note before adjourning, there was a letter from a member requesting that we not use email for sensitive discussions.

There being no more business, Jerry moved we adjourn, Robert seconded the motion and the meeting was call at 8:20 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Roy McCutchen, Secretary

Wonderland Lake Point HOA