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The following minutes are from the Wonderland Lake Point HOA meeting held on February 4, 2009. The meeting was held at the home of Ann Cooper. These minutes have not been approved by the membership. Approval with any corrections will happen at the next annual meeting.


Present:  Roy McCutchen, Laura McCutchen, Sally Yerger, Shoni Kahn, Gary Kahn, Shana Parker, Doug Parker, John Staarman, Ann Cooper,

                 Geoff Cooper, Wendy Zerin, Carol Marks, Sola DiDomenico


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm.  John Staarman had proxy vote for the Bachmans and the Simmons.  Shana Parker had proxy vote

for the Gases.

Roy McCutchen made a motion to elect Ann Cooper as our next president.  John Staarman seconded.  Carried.

Action Item:  Sally Yerger will contact our insurance company to find out what officer and directors' insurance would cost our HOA.

Sally Yerger read the treasurer's report.  We have a cash balance of $3625.33.

Shoni Kahn made a motion to elect Sally as our next treasurer.  Sola DiDomenico seconded.  Carried.

Shoni Kahn made a motion to accept the treasure's report as read.  Sola DiDomenico seconded.  Carried.

Roy McCutchen made a motion to elect Carol Marks as our next secretary.  John Staarman seconded.  Carried.

Action Item:  Sally Yerger agreed to find out the cost, if any of changing Laura McCutchen as our Registered Agent to Sally Yerger.

Sally Yerger opened a discussion about street repairs.  A section of our street is in need of repair.  John Staarman agreed to find out the cost of the repair.

A discussion ensued regarding planter box clean up.  We will ask Hilo, if and when he returns, to do the work.  Another suggestion

involved asking the teenage boys in our neighborhood if they would be interested in the job.

Roy McCutchen made a motion to allow Wendy Zerin to prune the large tree next to her property.  John Staarman seconded.  Carried.

Doug Parker will write a report which will be posted to our web site on the feasibility of solar energy in the home.  Links to county

Programs involved in the area will be posted on the site.

Ann Cooper, RoyMcCutchen and John Staarman will form a committee to amend our outdated covenants and by-laws.  Ann agree to type them out.

They will be presented for discussion at a larger group meeting.

              The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

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