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Annual meeting of the homeowners - Wonderland Lake Point HOA     Minutes and Finance Report

May 25, 2022 

The meeting was held in the driveway of the President, John Staarmann

The meeting was called to order by John Staarmann at 7:05 PM

Present were Roy & Laura McCutchen, Jerry Gordon & Sally Yerger, Ann Cooper, Terry & John Staarmann, Gary & Shoni Kahn, Robert & Vera Frajzygier, Shana & Doug Parker, Eric Jensen, Judith Ansara & Robert Gass, Naomi Levy & Ryan Lewis, Amanda Crandall, Sola DiDominico, and Wendy Zerin.

13 homes represented; a quorum was established. (There are 14 homes in the HOA)

John Staarmann requested a consensus that we make the Wednesday before Memorial Day the official Annual Meeting Day.  There was discussion and in general it seemed to appeal to all unless some reason came up to do it another day. Someone noted that the bylaws say during the first quarter. Last year it was April 26th.  It was decided to agree on the Wednesday before Memorial Day unless there was some reason to do it at another time. There was no motion to amend the Covenamants.

The agenda was reviewed and approved.

Jerry moved to approve last year's minutes. Terry seconded the motion. The minutes were approved by unanimously.

The Treasurer's financial report of 2021 (attached) was approved and is attached to these minutes. Sally noted again that Sun Cat Gardening LLC bills oddly for common area planter maintenance, which is why it shows a logical bill for 2020 (we got billed in 2021) and a tiny bill for 2021 as we haven't been billed for anything more.

Roy moved to accept the Treasurer's Report, Amanda seconded, and it was unanimously accepted.

Election of officers was as follows: Laura moved to keep the current officers. Robert Gass seconded the motion. In discussion, John Staarmann asked if there was anybody elase that wanted to serve and then if the current officers were OK with serving another term. All indicated they were. The motion was put to a vote and passed by unanimously. The officers will be as follows:

President - John Staarman,

Vice Pres. - Jerry Gordon

Secretary - Roy McCutchen

Treasurer - Sally Yerger


Architectural Review Committee (ARC) - John Staarmann moved to accept the three-person slate of Doug Parker, Judith Ansara, and Amanda Crandall with Doug as Chair. There was discussion that for the HOA to be in compliance we have to have a committee that participates as a committee. There was also discussion about reviewing the Covenants to determine the scope of the ARC.

Educational Moment:  As required of HOAs, Roy gave a short presentation on this year's legislation affecting HOA governance. Only two of this year's bills, HB22-1137 (Transparency bill) and HB22-1387 (Reserves) appeared to have any impact on our HOA. HB22-1137 had to do with billing, covenant violations and collections. HB22-1387 had to do with reserve funds. Roy recommended that we review these more carefully at some point, but that neither looked to have much impact on our HOA.

Judith and Doug brought up the Wildfire Mitigation work being discussed amongst the HOAs in our area.  They have participated in HOA meetings with other HOAs. Representatives from the City and OSMP have participated but nothing definitive has been proposed. A lot of our neighborhoods are considered Urban/Wildland interface zones so there is a high risk of fire damage as demonstrated by the Marshal and Calwood Fires. There was a lengthy discussion about removing juniper bushes (considered extremely high-risk vegetation) from around houses and in our street planters, which the HOA is responsible for. It was decided to get three estimates for removal from planters and what to replace them with. It was also brought up that fences connected to houses and wood mulch, which many of us use extensively, are two other high hazard items.

Jerry presented on Boulder's Dark Sky ordinances. He discussed shielded vs unshielded lights and passed around a sheet showing examples. John and Terry noted the exterior light next to their garage door is a good example of a shielded light. General rule of thumb is that if you can see the bulb or the light illuminates off your property, it is not in compliance with city code. Another rule of thumb is no more than a 60 watt incandescent or 15 watt LED bulb (900 lumens) where ever the bulb can be seen. For more info we point to the web site 

Note: this is the second year in a row we have brought this subject up (see below for last year's minutes.) and it is also noted that the city gave until November 15, 2018, for all properties to comply (though that may be commercial and multi residential. It's not clear to me.)

[From the 2021 minutes: John brought up the City's Dark Sky initiative and suggested we work towards that. Roy commented that it is actually a city regulation and can be enforced with a call to the city. John and Jon commented that the worst offenders are houses in the Granary and that it was lights inside houses shining out that are the most bothersome. The thought was that, unfortunately, the city couldn't regulate lights inside. Everyone agreed to be aware of their own lighting situations and be considerate.]

We had the annual discussion about parking problems on Rain Lilly.

The final act of business was to set the Annual Assessment currently $400 a year. Roy moved to set the assessment at $450 as we have kept it at $400 for several years and may be coming up on some additional expenses should we decide to remove the junipers from our planters and replace with something else. That and just general costs are going up. Jerry seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

There being no more business, Jerry moved to adjourn the meeting. Everyone seconded the motion and made a dive for the cake, cupcakes and watermelon that had been sitting in front of us for the past hour and a half. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35.

Respectfully submitted by,

Roy McCutchen, Secretary 

Wonderland Lake Point HOA



Financial Report

January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021


Beginning Cash Balance                                    $35,890.63     


Dues - 14 homeowners x $400=$5600  

Total Revenues:                                              $  5,600.00


Insurance                                            625.00

HOA Domain                                       118.02

Suncat Gardening (2020)                     1,105.00

Suncat Gardening (2021)                        219.00

Arbor Vital                                          1,320.00

Wendy Zerin                                         206.00                            

Total Expenditures                                          $ 3,593.02 

Ending Cash Balance                                        $37,897.61      


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